Maria Chiara Parisi

Maria Chiara Parisi

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  1. Van den Berg, H., Oortwijn, Y., Parisi, M.C., Wang, S., and Betti, Historians and the ‘Great Unread’ A New Method for Objective Corpus Building in the History of Philosophy. Ongoing; submission planned for June 2023.

  2. Van den Berg, H., Parisi, M.C., Oortwijn, Y., and Betti, A., The Spread of the Mathematical Method in Eighteenth-Century Germany: A Quantitative Investigation. Ongoing; first draft available here; submission planned for June 2023.

  3. Bloem, J., Parisi, M.C., Reynaert, M., Oortwijn Y., and Betti, A. Distributional Semantics for Neo-Latin. In Proceedings of LT4HALA 2020 - 1st Workshop on Language Technologies for Historical and Ancient Languages (pp. 84–93), LREC 2020. Marseille: European Language Resources Association (ELRA). [OA]