Maria Chiara Parisi

Maria Chiara Parisi

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I am a Ph.D. candidate at the Institute of Logic, Language and Computation, University of Amsterdam. I am currently working on reconstructing the explanatory role of mathematics within the debate on scientific explantions from Aristotle to Proclus. I combine philosophical methods with computational techniques.


  • Data-driven History of Ideas
  • Ancient Philosophy, specifically Metaphysics and Philosophy of Science
  • History of Axiomatics
  • Methodology of the History of Philosophical Ideas
  • Digital Humanities
  • Digital Classics


  • Ph.D. Candidate,  ILLC, Universiteit van Amsterdam
    Sep 2021 - Ongoing
    Mathematics & Scientific Explanation in Antiquity: A ‘Slow Science’ and ‘Big Data’ Study

    My project focuses on clarifying the emergence of the view that mathematics is not explanatory within the ancient debate on scientific explanation. I aim to reconstruct the views, elucidate the conceptual presuppositions and identify actors of this debate over nine centuries (4th cent. BCE-5th cent. CE).

    I combine more traditional methods, like close reading or ‘slow science’, with computational techniques for text-mining purposes. I remain grounded in expert textual interpretation, while conducting a wide-scope study of a ‘big data’ corpus in ancient Greek and Latin spanning 450 authors.

    Supervisors: Arianna Betti (UvA) and Marije Martijn (VU Amsterdam).

  • Research Assistant,  ILLC, Universiteit van Amsterdam
    Aug 2019 - Aug 2021
    NWO Vici project Ideas at Scale - Towards a Computational History of Ideas (e-Ideas)
  • Research Assistant,  Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
    Feb - Apr 2021
    A case study in digital history of philosophy (CLUE+ project)
  • Research Assistant ,  Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
    Oct - Dec 2020
    A Digital History of Ideas (CLUE+ project)


  • Master of Arts (MA),  Universiteit van Amsterdam
    2017 - 2019
    Philosophy (research)
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA),  Sapienza Università di Roma
    2013 - 2016