Maria Chiara Parisi

Maria Chiara Parisi

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I am a history of ideas researcher using qualitative, quantitative and computational methods to promote large-scale, evidence-based, interpretive research as well as a better integration of these methods in research agendas and policies. I am currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Institute of Logic, Language and Computation and Department of Philosophy at University of Amsterdam and I am a member of the Concepts in Motion group led by Prof. Arianna Betti.


  • Data-driven History of Ideas
  • Ancient Philosophy, specifically Metaphysics and Philosophy of Science
  • History of Axiomatics
  • Methodology of the History of Philosophical Ideas
  • Digital Humanities
  • Digital Classics


  • Visiting Ph.D. Student,  Department of Philosophy, New York University
    Jan-Mar 2024
    Mathematics & Scientific Explanation in Antiquity: A ‘Slow Science’ and ‘Big Data’ Study. Supervisor: Prof. Marko Malink

    In my visit at NYU, I work the role of common notions and axioms as scientific principles in ancient philosophy. As in the rest of my PhD project, I combine philosophical analysis with computational methods for text-mining.

    Supervisor: Prof. Marko Malink

  • Ph.D. Candidate,  ILLC, Universiteit van Amsterdam
    Sep 2021 - Ongoing
    Mathematics & Scientific Explanation in Antiquity: A ‘Slow Science’ and ‘Big Data’ Study

    In my PhD project, I work on reconstructing the role of mathematics as an explanatory science, from the viewpoint of axiomatics. I trace relevant concepts from metaphysics, philosophy of science and of mathematics, e.g. demonstration, principle, and mathematical object, from Aristotle to late ancient Neoplatonism.

    I combine philosophical and conceptual analysis (e.g. modelling of concepts) with quantitative and computational techniques (e.g. expanded term-search, extraction and annotation of paragraphs) on a 'big-data' ancient Greek corpus.

    Supervisors: Prof. Arianna Betti (UvA) and Prof. Marije Martijn (VU Amsterdam).

  • Research Assistant,  ILLC, Universiteit van Amsterdam
    Aug 2019 - Aug 2021
    NWO Vici project Ideas at Scale - Towards a Computational History of Ideas (e-Ideas)
  • Research Assistant,  Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
    Feb - Apr 2021
    A case study in digital history of philosophy (CLUE+ project)
  • Research Assistant ,  Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
    Oct - Dec 2020
    A Digital History of Ideas (CLUE+ project)